We offer a wide selections of middle eastern and European grocery options and popular Iranian food.

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We have an assortment of sweets and fresh pastries.

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A verity of a imported dried fruits and nuts.

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Fresh and ripe fruites.

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Canned vegetables and foods.

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Grocery Items

Fresh Produce Vegetables and Fruits Meat and Deli Halal Meat Eastern European Deli Rice and Bread Iranian and Arabic Hooka & Tobacco Household items and Many More...

Hot Food

Kabobs Daily Persian Khoresht: Mon: lobia polo Tue: Gheymeh Bademjan Wed: Zereshk Polo & Chicken Thu: Ghormeh Sabzi Fri: Baghala Polo & Lamb Shank Sat: Lubia Polo

Cold Food

Appetizers and Dips: Salad Olviyeh Ash Reshteh Kotlet Mirza Ghasemi Kashk Bademjan Kookoo Sabzi


Kabobs and Persian Khoresht (Please call for details)

Great, great place. I have driven past this little jewel for 4 years and didn't even know it! The prices are very reasonable and the selection is just right. Also, the lady at the counter was very helpful. They also have some fresh produce, which was well priced and tasted great. Can't say enough good things about this place. I especially liked the size of the store. Small enough to fit in a lot of good things but not overwhelming.